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Ever thought about investing online and never got around to it due to not having enough money or because it was too complicated? Goldmoney is here to help make it easy for anyone in South Africa who wants to invest in gold sign up free, make a deposit and start saving with an online account linked to the price of gold. The process is simple with no credit checks or proof of employment required and a very small initial deposit to start. Once you have created your account and deposited or received funds you can request a prepaid MasterCard credit card that is linked to your account which will be mailed to you. You can use your prepaid card in RSA and around the world wherever MasterCard is accepted. The service is very easy to use and makes investing and saving online simple, affordable and less complicated for just about anyone in South Africa. If you need a credit card or want to invest then why not get more information and sign up today - visit

A credit card is almost a necessity of life and makes it simple and secure to shop online, in-store and make payments. As it is not linked to your primary bank account a Goldmoney card offers more security when you go shopping. If you have not been able to get a credit card from the bank due to not earning enough or being unemployed then it is an excellent option. The service also allows you to make and receive payments as well as earn rewards when you refer friends. Investing in gold is a relatively secure way to start saving and couldn't be easier, create an account now - visit
Don't forget that we offer other options for prepaid cards on the website and if you are not sure that Goldmoney is the right choice for you then there are other options. If you often receive payments from international companies in different currencies then Payoneer offer a prepaid card and account which can be linked to your local bank account and makes it easy to receive funds in South Africa. Don't go another day without a credit card when there may be a simple option, why not get more information or sign up now - visit

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Need a personal loan of up to R150,000 in South Africa with easy approval and competitive rates? will do their best to help you get a cash loan in South Africa simply and will also accept applications if you are blacklisted or have a poor credit rating. With same day approval of loans and quick payouts you can apply online simply in just a few minutes to see what loan amount you could qualify for. If you haven't applied or a loan or have been turned down at other loan companies then they may be able to help you with a personal loan in South Africa as well as bad credit loans. Don't go without money if you need it when you don't have to, apply for a loan today - visit

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