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Do you have a website, blog or other internet presence and want to make money online or want to start promoting your business? At we are here to help you make the most of any website traffic you may have or learn how to advertise effectively online. Affiliate marketing allows people in South Africa and around the world to earn a salary online promoting products and services to your visitors or increase visitors and sales, easily. You can sign up free for affiliate programs in South Africa and worldwide simply, just keep reading for a list of some good affiliate networks listed below. If you have any ideas or comments for this page then please email hello[AT] and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Sign up for an affiliate program today and start making money from your website or blog visitors promoting a wide range of products and services or by getting more traffic using the links below.


offerforge affiliate
OfferForge is a leading affiliate network in South Africa and has a very large number of advertisers and you will be sure to find advertisements relevant to your own website. If you are wanting to advertise then there is a lot to offer on OfferForge and you will reach a wide and varied audience easily as the affiliate network is well established in South Africa. There are too many features and advertisers to fit into this small space though if you are wanting to make money using banners and text ads or want to promote your own business then sign up today -


admarula affiliate
AdMarula is a popular affiliate marketing network in South Africa offering a wide range of advertising opportunities across most market segments and work with many popular brand names. As a 'premium' advertising network they can be stricter in terms of approval and you may not be able to advertise all offers as easily. If you are looking to advertise online in South Africa or want to promote a wide range of products and services then it is a good idea to consider signing up -


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A small and relatively new network that offers a range of programs related to finance as well as competitions, insurance and surveys is ClickSense and they offer simple sign up in just a few minutes. As a new affiliate marketing network in South Africa they are always looking for people to help them promote their programs and the commission structure is good with support available if you need it. Some of the programs are not available on other affiliate marketing networks and may be of use to you. If you are looking for more advertising options to promote on your website then why not see what is on offer, sign up now visit -

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Looking for an excellent affiliate company to join in South Africa? Affiliate Network offers a range of programs mainly related to finance including loans, vehicle finance, credit reports, comparison home loan quotes, medical aid quotes and bad credit cell phone contracts. As a small network the range of programs is not as wide as others and if you are looking for more advertising options then consider OfferForge, or AdMarula. Payout is on time and if you have a website or blog that is getting visitors then it may be worth signing up visit -

affiliate programs za is a large and popular affiliate marketing network and offers both South African and international advertisers. There is a wide and varied range of categories available including insurance, finance, loans, shopping, dating, forex trading and many more. If you are a website or blog owner you are sure to find something to advertise and with good support should you need it and monthly payments made on time if you are looking to advertise online then definitely worth considering signing up in just a few minutes -
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Need a personal loan of up to R150,000 in South Africa with easy approval and competitive rates? SA Personal Loans will do their best to help you get a cash loan in South Africa simply and will also accept applications if you are blacklisted or have a poor credit rating. With same day approval of loans and quick payouts you can apply online simply in just a few minutes to see what loan amount you could qualify for. If you haven't applied or a loan or have been turned down at other loan companies then they may be able to help you with a personal loan in South Africa as well as bad credit loans. Don't go without money if you need it when you don't have to - visit

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