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Are you looking for a banking solution for yourself or your business? Are you a foreigner living in South Africa and need access to banking services? CASHCLOUD may be able to help you and offer prepaid cards in RSA for both business and personal use. If you are a business owner and want to be able to easily pay employees using prepaid cards then they offer safe and secure payroll solutions which also help to reduce administration costs. CASHCLOUD also offers cards for personal use and if you need a prepaid MasterCard and do not qualify or want to open an account with the bank then they may be able to help you. The card can also be used for easy and secure money transfers to family and friends as well as for foreigners living in RSA with no South African Identity Documents who need a bank account. You can use your card wherever MasterCard is accepted, to go shopping as well as to draw money at ATMs and till points at major retailers. If you have been looking for secure and cost effective card services for yourself or your business then why not get more information or apply today @

CashCloud does not offer credit cards or loans, they offer a prepaid card with banking services.
You cannot apply for credit and will not be granted a loan.

Don't forget that we offer many other card related services and financial products on the website which you can browse using the menu above. For more business prepaid card payroll solutions consider Flexpay as well as PayDNA and for other prepaid card services for personal use consider CashCloud and VCpay who may be able to help. Don't struggle without banking and card services when there may be an alternative solution, why not see if they can help you or your business today @

Why choose CASHCLOUD banking...
  • Banking for foreign nationals
  • No credit checks required
  • Easy & secure money transfers
  • Shop with a MasterCard
  • Draw cash at the ATM
  • Business payroll solutions

Easy loans even with low credit at ezCASH

Searching for a loan and not getting one? If you have a poor credit rating then in most cases you will not get approved by lending companies. ezCASH offer a free service to help you find cash loans of up to R150 000 even if you have bad credit. Working with multiple lending companies in South Africa, all registered with the National Credit Regulator, you are guaranteed fast and efficient service as well as responsible lending practice and easy to understand fees. During office hours you could get your loan application approved the same day and you money paid soon afterwards. You can use your loan for debt consolidation, to renovate your home or buy something you want or need. Why waste any more time searching for a cash loan in South Africa when they may be able to help you, apply today @

Shop on credit with an RCS Card

Not enough money to buy the things that you want for your home or business? An RCS Card could be the option that you are looking for and offers credit which you can spend on whatever you like at partner stores around the country. Backed by the RCS Group the card and account has a lot of benefits including a revolving credit facility of 24 or 36 months, additional cards for friends and family, customer protection insurance, SMS notifications, access to cash is needed and up to 55 day interest free. To apply you will need to be over 18 years of age, earning a salary of R1 000 or more with a South African ID document, bank account, contact number, email address as well as 3 months bank statements or payslips if requested. Don't go without the things that you need when you could buy them online or in-store around the country, apply now @

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