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If you work in a business with many employees then making payroll payments can take administration time and incur extra costs. Switching to prepaid cards for payments in your business may be an option to consider and offers many benefits to both the business owner as well as the employees. Flexpay is one of the leading providers of prepaid card services for business in South Africa and can help you implement prepaid card solutions for paying your employees. This helps to reduce administration time associated with making salary payments, reduces risk and cost of cash handling and offers customized business branding if required. Your employees will benefit from having the security and convenience of a card with no credit check required as well as having instant access to funds. If your business banking costs are high as a result of bank admin fees associated with making employee EFT payments then making using of prepaid card services from Flexpay could help to significantly reduce this expense. Along with reduced costs you could also benefit from spending less business time on payroll related administration duties. If you have been thinking about implementing a better way to make employee payments in your business then why not see how they can help you today @

If you are not sure that Flexpay is the right choice then we offer other options for prepaid card services which you can browse using the menu above. If you are looking for a prepaid card service for both business and personal using in South Africa then CASHCLOUD may be able to help and offer cards for personal use even if you are not a citizen of South Africa as well as payroll cards for business use. If you are finding that payroll payments in your business have become expensive and are taking more administration time than is necessary why not get more or information today @

The benefits of using prepaid cards...
  • Reduces risk & costs of cash
  • Online payment management
  • No banks or credit checks
  • Instant access to funds

Shop on credit with an RCS Card

Not enough money to buy the things that you want for your home or business? An RCS Card could be the option that you are looking for and offers credit which you can spend on whatever you like at partner stores around the country. Backed by the RCS Group the card and account has a lot of benefits including a revolving credit facility of 24 or 36 months, additional cards for friends and family, customer protection insurance, SMS notifications, access to cash is needed and up to 55 day interest free. To apply you will need to be over 18 years of age, earning a salary of R1 000 or more with a South African ID document, bank account, contact number, email address as well as 3 months bank statements or payslips if requested. Don't go without the things that you need when you could buy them online or in-store around the country, apply now @

Easy banking and card services @ CASHCLOUD

Are you in need a of card and banking services in South Africa either for yourself or your business? CASHCLOUD makes banking accessible to everyone in RSA and offers card services even if you are a foreign national and non-resident or have credit problems. Business owners can use CASHCLOUD to streamline payroll and reduce administration time and costs. The service is affordable and your CASHCLOUD MasterCard can be used around the world to go shopping, make payments and draw money at the ATM. You can also use the service to buy prepaid airtime, data and electricity as well as pay bills and do money transfers. Mobile and online banking services are available and if required you can request a secondary card for friends or family. If you are finding it difficult to get a card and account or are looking for business payment services for your employees then why not see if they can help you today

CashCloud does not offer credit cards or loans, they offer a prepaid card with banking services.
You cannot apply for credit and will not be granted a loan.

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