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Almost 60% of South African Citizens
Have Access to Internet

The importance of prepaid cards for receiving payments and transfers is growing each day. People worldwide use the Internet to make payments and purchase goods more and more, while business need top-quality solutions when it comes to receiving Internet payments. The future is present in South Africa too, with latest reports showing that almost 60% of South African citizens have access to the Internet.

Some of the favourite activities in which South Africans take part online include job searching, shopping and even looking for partners at dating sites. Naturally, a lot of time is spent on social media, plus South Africans also love online gambling at popular sites such as

Digital agency We Are Social and HootSuite, a social media management platform, stand behind the report Digital in 2018 that shows Internet penetration of 54%. This number is higher for 2% in comparison to the same period last year i.e. January 2017. According to this percentage, a total of 30.8 million South Africans uses the Internet on daily basis. It is interesting to note that 51% of the population accesses the Internet using mobile devices.

A huge jump in the statistics is noticed in the social media usage. Apparently, 32% of citizens in South Africa actively use social media. In 2017 this number was set at much lower 24%; this means that from 13 million active users last year, this year 18 million South Africans access social media on regular basis. Sixteen million of those users access via mobiles i.e. 28%.

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Surprisingly, Facebook and YouTube are not the most popular social media platforms among South Africans. It seems that WhatsApp has risen in the country in the past year and won the first place after ending third last year. Almost half the population uses this service, while Facebook and YouTube are endorsed by 46% and 43%, respectively. Other social media and chatting apps that are commonly used by South Africans include FB Messenger, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn. The list of top ten is concluded with Pinterest, Twitter and Skype.

Nevertheless, Facebook remains a popular social media platform with 18 million users in South Africa. This number marks an annual change in users of high 20%. This section also shows high usage of mobile phones as 89% of the South African Facebook users access the platform via mobile devices. After all, 67% of the population owns a mobile phone i.e. 38 million people.

All in all, this comprehensive report shows that the number of Internet users in South Africa is growing each year. Therefore, it’s crucial for businesses to adjust to these changes and provide high quality online payment options to their customers if they want to stay relevant on the market. Moreover, it is obvious that mobile devices have strong presence in people’s everyday lives; thus, alongside the rise of the Internet in South Africa we can also expect even more significant jump in mobile usage in the years to come.

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