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Saving money can be difficult, whether you have a good income or not. Learning how to save money is a great habit to get into. Having a little extra money when you need it, for a special occasion, a holiday away, something you have always wanted or anything else is wonderful. So, how do you learn how to save money? Well, reading money saving tips such as these below is a great idea, but also put into practice what you read everyday. Saving money just a little at a time is difficult but when you have saved a large amount you will be glad you did.

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Don't Buy The Newest - Computer hardware is constantly improving and for that reason buying the top-of-the-range PC, laptop or component doesn't make financial sense. The latest computer hardware is also the most expensive and will not hold its value. Rather consider less recently released hardware with the specifications to meet your requirments.
Donations - Many people have computers and lots of people upgrade and are willing to part with their old PCs for free (or next to nothing). Before buying a computer try speaking to family or friends and finding out if they may have one lying around. It may need a re-install of the operating system, good clean or an upgrade but will definitely be cheaper than new. Also consider organistions like FreeCycle where people offer freecycled stuff, including computers.
Second-Hand - Whilst it is great to be able to boast about having the newest computer, often it will be expensive and beyond what is necessary for your needs. There are often amazing deals available for very good computers available on 2nd hand websites and newspaper classifieds. Before going to the computer shop to buy a new PC, take a look online and see what is available.
Operating Systems - Buying a computer or laptop with an operating system like Windows can add a lot onto the price tag. If you are capable and willing then there are many free operating systems available that will be perfect for everyday use. Linux is a very popular, well-supported free operating system and will save you quite a lot on your purchase.
Build It Yourself - If you have the time and technically skilled, building a computer is not as difficult as it may appear. Not recommended for anyone without a decent existing knowledge of computers, there is a learning curve, though building a computer yourself could help you save. Alternatively buy a 'barebones' box and start from there.
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Buy Less Coffee - Buying take-away coffee daily (or more than once a day) is a habit many people have, though it adds up. If you like filter coffee rather buy a machine and coffee, it is much cheaper than buying take-away coffee everyday. Alternatively try and reduce how much coffee you drink, which is also healthier.
Pack a Lunch - Many people who work find it much more convenient to buy themselves lunch everyday. Whilst it is easier to buy lunch, it is also more expensive and getting into the habit of waking up 10 minutes earlier to pack a lunch is not only cheaper but the healthier alternative to buying food at work daily.
Store Brands - Everone has a favourite something, though just because it is a brand name does not always mean it is a better product. Often the 'generic' or store brand is cheaper and just as good. Definitely worth considering, wherever possible, when you next go shopping.
Don't Use Vending Machines - Whilst vending machines are convenient they are also more expensive than the same product in a store. Purchases from vending machines are often 'impulse buys' and not necessary. Next time you spend your money in a vending machine take a minute to think about whether you actually need it.
Buy In Bulk - Wherever possible buy in bulk at warehouse stores which allow you to buy many items in large quantities and save. There are many non-perishable items you use everyday that you can save a lot on if you buy in bulk on a monthly basis.
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Walk or Cycle - If it is not raining and you just need to travel a short distance, to your local store or visit a friend then walk or use a bicycle. People become very accustomed to using a car, even though often it is just as easy (and healthier) to walk.
Close Your Windows - If you are traveling at speed on a highway keep you car windows closed. Having the windows open on a highway will affect the aerodynamics of your car, meaning it uses more petrol to maintain a speed, so roll up your windows.
Move Closer To Work - Moving closer to where you work, if it is possible could save you a lot in petrol costs for traveling. Also consider traffic directions at peak periods if you are commuting to work by car daily. The cumulative saving over many years may well be worth a move!
Reduce Idling - If you are going to be parked for 5 minutes, instead of idling, turn off your vehicle. Idling (allowing the engine to keep running whilst not in motion) uses a lot of your petrol and is a bad habit many drivers have. Reduce your idling wherever possible.
Purchase Carefully - The next time you buy a vehicle, whether new or used, don't go for something that 'looks good'. Rather do your research and find out what the fuel consumption figures are for your next car purchase. Over the years of ownership buying a more fuel-efficient vehicle will save you a lot of money.

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